Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The iPad Fad

Hey ya'll,
Where does the time go?  This year has been full of crazy, "busy"ness and I CANNOT believe it's already mid-March!  This year has been full of changes for me and every time things seem to slow down a bit, they just pick right back up!

Anyways, one of the biggest changes to my classroom this year has been our class set of iPad minis.  Well it is technically a set of 10 that I share with the TK, 1st, and 2nd grades,... BUT since I have been using them the most so far this year, I have 5 that pretty much live in my classroom (jackpot!). SO, I started integrating them into my Math & Literacy centers throughout the day.

THEY HAVE BEEN A HUGE HIT!  Looking for new ways to keep your students in line (and super quiet)?  Two words: iPad time!  I'm just kidding...okay maybe only a little...

The great thing about the iPad is that I only let them use apps that have educational value to them...and most of those apps give me a progress report on how they are doing.  AND that's not all....A lot of them are CCSS aligned! Yep, you heard (or read) that correctly.  I'm in love. :) 

Here are some of the apps I use:

I will unpack more about each of these apps and others that I use in my classroom tomorrow.  Bedtime for this kindergarten teacher!

Do you have iPads in your classroom?

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