Sunday, July 6, 2014

iPADS FAD: Reading Unpacked

It's July!  And my summer is already half over!  I have been super busy settling into my new apartment in Yorba Linda (now my daily commute to work is 30 minutes and I have to leave at certain times to avoid longer traffic), dancing (you can find me every weekend at the local honkytonk getting my line dance on!), and visiting my family in Bakersfield, CA and in Yuma, AZ.

Isn't my 1 year old nephew the cutest? This a picture from Friday. :)  He's getting so big!

Anyways, here is a continuation of my post series from March.  The following are some reading apps that I absolutely LOVE and my students LOVE too!  

DDM Reading is a really great app for teaching the students letter sounds.  They can play a series of games that reinforce and reteach letters that they may have difficulty with.  It works at their own pace and I can check to see what they are struggling with.  Love this app!

Monkey Word is another great app that my students use.  It introduced blends and digraphs as well as sight words.  They beg me to give them time on this app.  The monkey and other characters are the cutest!  The kids can also earn little rewards which keeps them engaged the entire time.
Raz Kids is a great app that the students can use on their iPads, other tablets, and computers at home as well as at school.  It offers hundreds of leveled readers that the students can choose from to read.  They can listen to it being read to them, record themselves reading, and take interactive quizzes to check for comprehension.  I can then listen to the recordings on my computer to check their comprehension and even do running records of their reading!  

One of my goals this summer is to play around with some more apps that my students can use in the classroom.  Right now my kids use the iPads during their center time but I'm curious to see where else I can plug in use of them.  The first grade teacher at my school uses QR codes and recordings of the students for projects and writing they do...SO I'm wanting to incorporate that somehow this next year.  Anyone use any other neat apps?

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