Sunday, August 12, 2012

Classroom Survival Packet

Kindergarten is a rough year for most parents.  Their babies are growing up and finally entering "big school." So they always have the hardest time letting instead of waiting for Back to School Night to send all my information (and their anxiety about the first day to build) I decided to send it all two weeks before school starts.  Here's a picture of the front: (not quite finished)

I include a welcome letter from me, the poem "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten," our schedule, overview of kindergarten curriculum in general (super cute & perfect!), the abc's of the classroom (everything explained from pickup policy, to sending healthy snacks to school), homework & discipline policies, class list, supply/wish list (cameo please!!!), school calendar, and a questionnaire to help me get to know the parents.

Oh yeah, and you can't forget the most important little guy/gal!  So I added in a little postcard explaining how excited I was to meet them, etc.
Hoping to get these babies shipped out tomorrow from work...and try to sneak in my classroom to take some BEFORE pics to share with ya'll.

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  1. This is cool Allie! Want to send me a copy? ;)