Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mission Organization Part Two: Classroom Plan of Attack

So I’ve spent the past two days making labels.  FOR EVERYTHING.   For my math tubs {see earlier post here}, theme tubs, and art supplies.  I still need labels for my book tubs but I haven’t found any yet that I really LOVE and that work for me.  I found these great schedule cards that really have everything (let’s face most sets we find on TPT are missing that ONE label—seriously, isn’t that frustrating?) and the best part?  It’s free! You can find them at the First Grade Parade here and they are AWESOME!
Now before I tackle any job like cleaning and organizing my classroom, I have to make a list.  Or in my case lists.  I like having just a TO DO and a TO BUY list.  On my TO DO list...

I make subcategories like:

And my favorite part?  Drawing a nice dark line through each thing I finish! It feels GREAT! :)
Grab my "Classroom Plan of Attack" here.

And then I just dig in!   I like calling it my Plan of Attack--I think it motivates me to be aggressive and get things done. ;) What do you do to organize your classroom?  Make lists? Or just jump in head first?


  1. Love your plan of attack! I usually make a list, start 60 things at once and then have a nice conversation with myself about finishing things one at a time. HA!

    Ketchen's Kindergarten

    1. Don't we all? I always get find myself getting distracted...and then kick myself later for it! :) This year I'm not leaving any "rock" unturned in my classroom as I prep for the kiddos! (I'll let you know how that goes! lol)