Monday, August 20, 2012

Must-haves Monday Linky Party

One more week until the kiddos arrive in my classroom!  This week I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week. 

My must-haves are:

#1. Chocolate.  I love chocolate.  I store it all over my jars, in my cabinets, and in my desk (which I got rid of this year!).  I'm always sneaking a piece.  My kiddos know me so well, one of my past students went to Germany this summer--and what did she get me? Chocolate! So sweet!

#2.  Laminator.  I bought this trusty side-kick last year and I use it ALL the time!  Definitely worth every dime!

#3.  Books! Okay so this one is a given.  We all need books in our classroom.  But this summer I went book-crazy.  I found a goodwill bookstore (yes just sells books!) in my hometown and they offer a teacher discount!  SO I got paperbacks for $0.25 and hardbacks for $0.75.  I found tons of eric carle, fancy nancy, etc. in great condition! :) Score!

#4.  Pandora Radio.  I LOVE Pandora.  I listen to it all the time: before, during, and after school, and even at home.  I put it on classical, disney, & various children's music throughout the day while my students are working.  I find that it is the best way to keep the chatter down and them engaged in what they are doing--while singing along! Go Figure!

Well there's my top 4!  What can't you live without in your classroom? :)

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  1. I got myself a laminator this summer and it has been the best purchase ever! I should have listed music on mine too!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher